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Welcome to the City of Middleton
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Mosquito Abatement Update

The City just received this update on mosquitos from the Canyon County Mosquito Abatement District  (Noon on 8-7-2014). 

 The Mosquito District completed the airplane spraying of approximately 10,000 acres, that was targeted at the disease carrying mosquitos.  Those mosquitos will come out from dusk to dawn and typically like darker, cooler conditions.  The mosquitos that are coming out and biting in the day time are the Ades Vexan mosquito, a flood water mosquito.  The mosquitos breed in shallow, still water (residences that flood irrigate, over irrigate with sprinklers until the ground is soggy, and end of rows in farm fields).  These mosquitos hatch every 48-72 hours in massive populations.  Mosquitos love heat and  humidity.  The Mosquito District is sending fogger trucks from Blessinger Road to Cemetery Road in the early mornings to fog the area.

Darin Taylor, Mayor


Pave the Path to the Park Donation Form








Adopted Amendment Changes

Title 1 Admninstration and Title 2 Boards and Commissions

Title 3 Business Regulations

Title 4 Building Regulations

Title 8 Health and Sanitation

Title 9 Fire Regulations

Title 10  Police Regulations


NOVEMBER 5, 2013 GENERAL CITY ELECTION – 2 City Council Seats, 4 year term

MIDDLETON CANDIDATES, in order of filing:  Tyson Sparrow, James “Tank” Taylor, Brady Fuller, Rob Kiser and Lenny John Riccio

Election Information, Absentee Ballot Application and Voter Registration Forms:

Be sure to check out VOTER LOOKUP on the Canyon County elections web site for voter information by address:

Cindy LoPiccolo MMC, City Clerk

6 N. Dewey Ave.

Middleton ID 83664

(208) 585-3133

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